Provincial Elections, Reporting Inconsistencies and ‘Dead Heats’ turn into Majority Governments

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Supporting Links April Poll Poll shows Liberals, CAQ tied September 25 Quebec election: Liberals break away from CAQ with 7-point lead: poll Dead Heat CAQ, Liberals in dead heat: Ipsos poll Close to majority Quebec Poll Tracker Marjory for CAQ Maclean’s NDP and PC Dead Heat Horwath and Ford Photo Finish You’re a bad …

Maxime Bernier on Healthcare September 16 2018

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Supporting Links Max Tweet… Globe and Mail Article on Health Care… Max Speech… York Region Article about German Healhcare system… CTV Tweet Max Referenced… CTV Interview – Time stamp for Healthcare below… I meant “Maxime didn’t mention ‘two tier’ healthcare.’ But the host does lead with ‘Preston Manning’s 2 tier quote.’ 3:10 – more …

Legal Marijuana, Medical Prescription, Driving and YOU (and Ontario?)!

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Supporting Links How will Canada’s drug laws actually work Canada Justice Website Global News Medical Patient Medical marijuana users fear impaired driving laws once cannabis is legal Laws in Provinces and Territories Vancouver / BC Driving Laws Here’s what Canada’s cannabis legalization means for drivers How much cannabis could you smoke and stay under the proposed legal …

Notwithstanding Clause Invoked. 25 Ward Mayoral Election Will Happen.

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Supporting Links Ford Presser 2 pm September 10 Charter of Rights and Freedoms Wikipedia about Section 33 ttps://\ Public Apology for bad star trek joke (that got the facts wrong!) Aww man – It was Section 31 in Star Trek. Boo. I thought it was section 33. I do get some things wrong sometimes. 🙂