Doug Ford Let Us Down – Gender Theory Shouldn’t Be Taught In Classrooms

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  1. Great commentary. It’s too bad. While I agree with much of what he is doing, I think Ford could present the values behind his actions much better. Reversing the cummulative damage that 14 years of Libertard rule in Ontario is tough. He might have had to cave but I think he gave too much back. I would have preferred there to be an “Opt In” rather than an “Opt Out” strategy. That way those who want their kids to be taught in school about those sorts of things would be free to do so by opting in.. Those who would like to instill their own values in their kids could do so as well. That, to me sounds like freedom.

  2. [QUOTE=”CanadaPoli-Admin, post: 8737, member: 1″][URL=’’]Continue reading…[/URL][/QUOTE]
    My son was in kindergarten not too long ago and if they had ever had the Mom and Mom and Me books and trans agenda I would NOT have been sending him when they ‘teach’ that. In Birmingham(?), England they had to give up this agenda in schools because the many muslims they let into the city had rallies in the streets against it. The govt sided with the muslims so here that will happen too. The muslims they all cater to do not accept gays, women, alcohol, dogs, pork(the smell of cooking bacon), etc. So what will all the lefties do? I do wonder…..

  3. Two wrongs make a right in England? Pretty risky way to find balance. If that is where this is going in Ontario we will see the Liberals in power again shortly. I don’t know where we will end after the next 14 years.

  4. I happened to be sitting in an elementary school library in Collingwood Ontario. I looked at the shelves next to me and saw headings of “inclusiveness”, “equity” “tolerance” “my two mom” “diversity” etc. The main entrance also had the obligatory “We occupy the land where a bunch of motley primitives wandered aimlessly across the landscape and didn’t have the wherewithal to have a written language and if oppressive whitey had left them alone, and given them a hundred years, they just might have invented the wheel”.

    All this BS (and feminist crap) needs to be wiped from the curriculum.

    BTW: why wasn’t the minister of education announcing education changes? What’s with Mulroney? Is she going to become the provincial equivalent of the squawking squaw?

  5. Yet another example of how conservatism is not a position but a posture. As they are a posture and not a position they are incapable of conserving anything. They just maintain the status quo that was set by the liberals beforehand. Everyone that supports this supports child abuse.

  6. [QUOTE=”Anaximander, post: 8745, member: 116″][URL=’’]’s_stages_of_moral_development[/URL]

    (His studies were primarily concerned with CHILDREN and their moral developments)

    [SIZE=5][B]Lawrence Kohlberg’s stages of moral development[/B][/SIZE]
    [I]Level 1 (Pre-Conventional)[/I]
    1. Obedience and punishment orientation ([I]How can I avoid punishment?[/I])
    2. Self-interest orientation ([I]What’s in it for me?[/I]) ([I]Paying for a benefit[/I])
    [I]Level 2 (Conventional)[/I]
    3. Interpersonal accord and conformity ([I]Social norms[/I]) ([I]The good boy/girl attitude[/I])
    4. Authority and social-order maintaining orientation ([I]Law and order morality[/I])
    [I]Level 3 (Post-Conventional)[/I]
    5. Social contract orientation
    6. Universal ethical principles ([I]Principled conscience[/I])


    Now I don’t 100% agree with everything Kholberg says, but that’s a conversation for another time. His model can work tho.

    And within this framework you can easily see where and how often you could bombard malleable and impressionable children in order to “steer” their “moral development”. Influence as it were.

    [B]For instance take a look at Stage 3. It would seem the pro LGBT pro marxist post Nationalists are trying to destroy STAGE 3 altogether.[/B]

    Let’s not forget what’s goin on in “Adult World” right now either. If you look at [B]Stage 4[/B]. It would seem that our MSM and Political Class are trying to [B]shape minds[/B] and [B]opinions[/B] on STAGE 4 with the rest of us. Trying to [B]”DISORIENT”[/B] peoples beliefs and feelings on “Law and Order”.

    They(Liberals, LGBTQ propagandists, Globalists and Commies) don’t want Stage 5 or 6 at all – for anyone.

    Manipulation and LYING comes with the territory of being a Progressive/Pro Marxist/Pro-MultiCulti, pro Globalist, Post Nationalist piece of shit I guess.

    At the end of the video what does the doctor say? (Better not to INFLUENCE the children). They need influence to be taught and grow though, that should come from FAMILY, not the school system. The school system should be there to teach maths, english, science, trades, civics (Whith SCIENCE comes BIOLOGY – What gets taught in Biology? Infectious diseases, SEXUAL REPRODUCTION – So why do we need sex ed? Why is teaching little kids how to have anal sex (or any sex) something that should be done by Schools? It shouldn’t. The state has NO BUSINESS pushing any sort of special interest agendas inside schools. That goes for “Prayer Rooms” too.[/QUOTE]
    The Liberals don’t want stage 6, but they are the best at it, with the scandal – just do it if the police don’t know about it, heh heh. At least Bernier says the govt should not be teaching social issues. When I was younger I could never imagine any of this(open borders, glorifying trans people, globalist agenda). I am not a religious nut, but I do think we as a society have no proper discipline without Christianity. Ido think this is part of our problem. I know some of the people on this site have said the lack of population is part of our problem.

  7. I have a Mormon friend who says the end of the world is near. Well I do not believe that, but I can see some theories. The theory about the war with China and Russia and the US is believable. Someone should do a theory involving a war with islam. I did not read about the theory involving masonic temples and the illuminati one is hard to understand. If some great thinker and doer could have helped Western society to subsitute lack of Christianity with something else, maybe we would have been saved.

  8. [QUOTE=”jcorvec, post: 8779, member: 31″]If some great thinker and doer could have helped Western society to subsitute lack of Christianity with something else, maybe we would have been saved.[/QUOTE]

    Christianity happens to be a foundation of western civilization. Not all need to be Christian in order to be part of western civilization, but most do. Not that that’s the only requirement, it’s also based upon the Greco-Roman legal and philosophical tradition as well as the European nations (people).

  9. [QUOTE=”Anaximander, post: 8798, member: 116″]^^ This right here is why Western Civilization can never allow Islam to become the majority. That would quickly change. There would no longer be freedom of thought, freedom of anything, they have taxes for beliefs, and beyond that many many worse things than that, the evidence is out there for anyone to find. Have you seen any documentaries on “Sharia Police”, or “Morality Police” in places in South East Asia and the Middle East? Kinda like Commies and the Stasi or the Nazis and the SS/Gestapo.

    Then of course there is Asia Bibi. I wonder if she is still stuck in Pakistan. Imagine all those other christians (or non Muslims) that live and suffer there under Islam. That’s what Europe and the West has in store for the future if we continue down this path that these Globalist Scumbag TRAITORS are leading us down.[/QUOTE]

    Islam is not just not part of western civilization, it’s anti western civilization. The Japanese we can get along fine with for example, they don’t want to destroy us, but they are not part of western civilization. Islam is different. Of course we must remember that without the globalist traitors in power positions, not just institutionally but in other influential areas, are also against western civilization and it’s only because of those traitors that Islam is a threat. They are the ones that are bringing them in as well as the other foreigners. The foreign nationals all need to go back and the traitors need to be treated like traitors.

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