Maxime Bernier on Healthcare September 16 2018

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I meant “Maxime didn’t mention ‘two tier’ healthcare.’ But the host does lead with ‘Preston Manning’s 2 tier quote.’

3:10 – more private healthcare
People don’t want private healthcare because they’re concerned about fairness
We have private delivery
Mixed system, is a better system than us

3:58 – We have private healthcare because people aren’t enforcing the healthcare act, you know that. Will you dump the healthcare act?

Bernier: You don’t need to undo the healthcare act to have private deliver,

Host: the truth is you have to not enforce it (to have private delivery)

Bernier: What i want is a better system for Canadians

4:15 – Rich vs Poor Healthcare
Bernier: I don’t want them to wait too long for services. Right now they’re waiting too long.

4:30 – Stop healthcare transfer From fed to provinces. Put it all at the provinces level.

4:55 – The money’s coming from the same people

5:03 – We have formula in the constitution to help poor provinces. Everyone must have same services across the country. We just have to respect the constitution.

5:21 – i know it’s best for this country

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