My Breakdown Maxime’s Answer to ‘Why Are You Not Like Preston Manning?’

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CBC Article

People’s Party

Immigration response – 25:36

11:30 – What makes you think that you’ll succeed when Preston manning failed

Coalition of people sick of traditional politics where they hold one position one day and another the next day
This movement is building, we have social networks that are different (than at Preston Manning’s time) and we’re using these networks to draw attention to our ideas and to encourage people to join us
We can attract people who are fed up with current politics. 30% of people who don’t vote
We can attract liberals who don’t like deficits, liberal who liked balance budgets like under Chretien and Martin
We can attract socialists by who want to help the poorest in our society by getting rid of supply management and making goods more affordable for the poorest in our society
We can attract (conservatives) by getting rid of business subsidies
5 government agencies that distribute subsidies to businesses across Canada, get rid of that, save that money and lower taxes for all business across Canada.
Platform based on principles such as freedom, fairness, respect and responsibility.

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